Sunday, May 22, 2005

One Woman Army

As promised:

"The subtext is getting under my skin," he said.
"Hence the sub?"
"Yes, hence the sub."

It's funny how the man in the cage thinks everything's about him. As far as I'm concerned, if you're in a cage, it's probably for a not so great reason, so you shouldn't be trying to get any special attention, unless you like cages that is. At last glance, cages didn't look like too much fun to me. I suppose if you had an army around said cage you could have some fun, but all I need is my one woman army, and because of that I need no (zero, zilch, nada) guns. No guns, however, doesn't not equal no fun (doesn't hurt to clarify).

"The relapse is getting under my skin," he said.
"I can't 'hence' that."
"What a shame."

It's stupid how the man in the maze takes his time trying to find the end. It's my opinion (humblesness of opinion up for debate) that if you're caught in a maze, you're either in an amusement park or you're a guinea pig, neither of which seem very fun. But who am I to say what's fun and what isn't? Personally, I don't like mazes but if you spice it up, with say, a gun, then I may be interested. In fact, I'd even leave my one woman army behind, and see if I can have some fun.


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